Our experience in recovering outstanding money makes us a valuable, cost-effective and affordable solution for your company's financial management systems.



We work together with your company to achieve sound financial results and a healthy bottom line.



Recovering money can be complicated and time consuming, and our experts are here to help you regarding every aspect of your query.


At DRS, we are dedicated to assisting companies and organisations of all sizes maintain a healthy bottom line by providing a range of services in credit management including debt collection, litigation management, debt purchase and credit training.

We do not collect any commission unless the debt is recovered!

We offer an ethical and professional team who will work closely with you to ensure prompt and flexible solutions are delivered. We are large enough to provide many specific products across credit management but small enough to deliver flexible tailor made solutions specific to the needs of your industry.

We recover debts other agents have given up on.

Located in Brisbane but servicing


DRS has extensive knowledge in this area and we have the time to understand local laws in debt collection.
Don’t Let Your Money Disappear
By utilising our network of International Agents and Agencies, we can successfully recover money that was once thought of as too difficult to collect.


Well structured training courses is integral to ensure a cohesive responsive team that delivers optimum results. We proudly partner with SET Training, a Brisbane based training organisation for the development and delivery of purpose built courses and workshops. We also work with SET Training to develop specific topical courses for our clients. Call us to see what we can offer your organisation.


Our purpose built in-house debt collection software, enables us to design specific work processes for our clients. This functionality allows us to be responsive to a debtor’s circumstances thereby increasing rate of recovery. This ensures we keep things personal and rather than making our processes fit the software package, it fits in with us! Our work is backed up off site enabling us to restore at any time point with minimum down time.

DRS has no hidden fees or costs, and no joining fees


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